Content is definitely the fuel that drives the web, but so are code language programs and development. Our front end team goes the extra mile, and even more to give you seamless and user-friendly websites that are a vivid slideshow of your brand image and vision.

E-Commerce Sites

At Janus Koncepts, we create domain-specific retail websites that are a perfect sync of the current digital trends and efficient coding that enhance your audience’s experience, while maximizing your conversions in the best way possible. Moving fast is essential, but moving smart is even more so.

Content Management System

Empowered with a wide range of content technology solutions, we help enterprises keep all forms of content in an organized and easily accessible manner. Handling all your massive amounts of material becomes a hassle-free job with our superior intuitive indexing, search and retrieval features that help in the easy access to all the information through a number of search functions. These search functions allow users to search by features such as keywords, publication dates or author. Our in-depth knowledge of content management systems including Drupal, Joomla, Adobe CQ5, Interwoven, Microsoft Sharepoint, Umbraco and Wordpress, which allow us to manage the content of varying forms and scales efficiently. Gain better insights and integrate the knowledge for leveraging your business strategies.

Mobile & Tablets Apps

From concept to development, to sustainability, we understand the digital power, and hence provide error-free and smooth solutions for the perfect App development to enhance your brand image and reach.

Mobile & Tablets Sites

What runs on the desktop needs to run twice as fast on the mobile. Our team of experts come with a varied experience that helps you get your digital solutions without any hassle.