Web Analytics

From data collection and analysis to reporting and understanding web data for optimization, we cater to all your web analytics requirements.

Social Media Analytics

If there is one potent element that drives businesses and their marketing strategies today then it’s - Data. And what is the most insightful source of data in 2019? Well, undoubtedly it’s got to be social media. You might own a business with a considerable turnover, but if your business is not visible or very active on social media, it might become redundant sooner than later. It’s no secret that brands with a more considerable following on social media quickly become famous owing to popular word of mouth. We help you to take advantage of social media to the fullest by shouldering the responsibility of your business page on all the platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora. From creating trending creatives that boosting engagement on a regular basis to handling all the comments and queries on your page, we ensure that you’re on top of the mind recall of your audience. One of our priorities is to strategically target audiences that are relevant to your brand based on their demography, interests, location, social circles, and even habits. Using a wide range of analytical tools to track your social media platforms like Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Buffer and more, we are a bunch of curious data gatherers, known for our comprehensive analysis reports. Wielding analytical tools to sort out data gathered from platforms provides some of the most exciting and detailed information about your consumers, that too in minutes. They are extremely helpful in guiding what to post and when to post so that you know precisely the time slots when most of your followers are active online. Whether you wish to know the performance of a specific campaign, your Instagram stories or gain the data regarding the performance of all your social media profiles, we have got you covered.

Campaign Measurement Optimization

Moulding a campaign is like nurturing a baby, every stage matters. We give you 360-degree solutions across campaign measurement and optimization to make sure that your campaign reaches its maximum potential. By taking into perspective, the many factors like a number of impressions, click-through rates and, we figure out what works and what doesn’t for your brand and thus, accordingly design campaigns that give high ROIs.