Digital Business & Marketing

In the current global market scenario, ‘digital’ is the way to go. The constantly evolving market scenario has essentially changed the way we live, work, socialise, shop and as a result, how we conduct businesses. With ‘convenience’ being the new buzzword, the traditional approach of doing businesses has undergone a sea-change. At Janus Koncepts, we know exactly how to bridge the gap between your business’ goals and your digital presence.

With the right mix of smart marketing strategies and technological acumen, we help you reach out to your niche audience. Nobody understands the changing dynamics of marketing better than we do. Right from brand management, engagement analysis, holistic business optimization to generating out-of-the-box ideas for viral campaigns, we are a one-stop destination for all your digital business and marketing concerns. Our expertise lies in making your brand garner the right kind of attention on all digital platforms, without breaking the bank. In other words -

If it’s about digital, it’s got to be Janus Koncepts.

Web and Mobile

Our developers very well understand how crucial the initial few minutes can be for any business website. Websites that are aesthetically pleasant and effortlessly accessible remains on top of our agenda. Let’s face it- the responsiveness of your website on varying devices is the most important factor that decides whether you lose or gain a user. We are adept at creating websites that automatically adjust to the screen sizes of the devices and hence, are better able to cater to the demands of the website. Better responsiveness of the website translates into higher conversion rates which automatically means more business. The responsiveness of the website also influences its SERP ranking on Google. We ensure that every page on your site has content and feature parity across all channels. Our focus remains on whether the website speed remains the same on all devices. Negligible bounce rates help generate more traffic to your website and help in streamlining your website visitors to leads and ultimately to conversions.

User Experience

All of our sites boast of gratifying and visually appealing user experiences (UX) including seamless navigation, functionality, and user interface design. We are experienced at creating websites from scratch that incorporate all aspects of branding, designing, usability, function, and user interface design. Efficiency, creativity, and fun are the defining features of our curated websites. We create products that users love to acquire and use. The websites’ ease of troubleshooting prevents those irritating technical glitches. At Janus Koncepts, we take a holistic approach in creating an unparalleled user experience- focusing on the why’s, what’s, and how’s of every product!


Grasping what will work for an e-commerce site is a Herculean task. That’s why you can leave your worries to us as we have a roadmap to success that will help you make the most of the online boom. Before we embark on creating your e-commerce website, our team conducts an in-depth market research and analysis to have a clear understanding of the ever evolving consumer trends. After a thorough analysis of the market competitors, our experts come up with a complete marketing and sales strategy, explicitly designed to suit the needs, demands, and interests of your target consumer base. Turn your website visitors into loyal customers with our tried and tested strategies. We help you carve out your USPs and establish your business as a brand to reckon with. The bottom line is, if you wish to increase your margins to achieve higher returns on investments (ROIs), then look no further.

Social Media

If you want your business to be heard, then there’s no better place for it than social media. With the ability to grab the eyeballs of a global audience, the world of social media opens up a whole new set of endless possibilities. From capitalizing on the latest social media trending topics to combining our knowledge of metrics for monitoring the varying social media behaviour of users, we are known for our path-breaking social media campaigns that help brands to stand out from the crowd. We help exploit the immense potential of social media and deftly harness it to create the right kind of buzz around your business. Hit that ‘LIKE’ button already, and let us ‘SHARE’ all the good things together!