User Research

Understanding your users is at the heart of everything that is designed and executed. At Janus Koncepts, user research lays the foundation of all our innovative, social and creative strategies.

Usability Testing

Okay, your website looks attractive and is smartly designed, but what if it doesn’t serve its real purpose of user-friendliness? They say the proof lies in baking the cake and eating it too. When it comes to delivering quality services to our esteemed clients, we don’t take any chances. That’s why we believe in actually allowing real users to browse the website for themselves and test its navigation, functionality and other issues related to user experience. Not just being satisfied with this, we go a step further by examining our website at a range of locations to overcome the effects of cultural bias, if any. Hence we take extra care to maintain our product’s flawless user experience across cultures. This double-phase testing helps to establish the reliability and validity of our product’s usability. We test the speed as well as usability of the website on multiple devices.

Expert Reviews

You don’t really buy a car unless you test drive it at least once, right? Once your website is in place, we get our team of expert reviewers with a thorough UX and UI experience on board for a thorough audit, which keeps the end user in mind.